Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rail Balcony Planters

Rail Planter Boxes for balconies offer the possibility to minimise use of space along the balcony rail this means you have more space for furniture. Rail planter boxes also provide great visual dimension to your balcony especially if you have a main living space opening out onto the balcony the rail planter boxes help frame the view.

New planters on offer this year include a few old favourites like conventional hooks which simply attach to the balcony rail allowing you to attaché planters of your choice onto your balcony. This is one of the most versatile options since you can change containers it is also the most economical choice. More decorative rail planters include the funky Green Bo planters. These plastic forms come in a variety of cold colors and retail from $39.99. If you prefer the old terracotta look then you can find ones suitable for attachment to deck rails.

Pictured Above
1. Greenbo Planters from $39.99. Amazon.com for details.
2. Wired Baskets.
3. Metal Master Craft Hanging Basket Bucket Planters, Set of 2. $15.13. Amazon.com
4. Höstö Flower Box $12 IKEA.